Why Can’t I Make My Dreams Come True?….

For MOST of the worlds population the answer to this question is the difference between just surviving life and living a good life.

If you believe in “The Secret” and the ‘Law of Attraction’ you would understand that we receive EVERYTHING we have asked for in our life and that it is our subconscious mind that controls what we receive.

The truth is… “Asking for what you want and GIVING what you want FIRST allows you to receive MORE than you can ever imagine.”

So if you have ever asked the question “Why can’t I make my dreams come true?” then it is possible that you are not being SPECIFIC about what it is you are asking for, AND you are not GIVING what it is you want FIRST.

If you want more love in your life…. go and be more loving to those around you.

If you want more friends in your life… go and be a friendlier person.

If you want a helping hand every now and then… go and help out those less fortunate.

If you want more recognition and respect from work mates and family…. try showing them the kind of respect that you want FIRST.

You see my friend, everything that you want in your life STARTS WITH YOU asking for it AND making the room for it in your life by SHOWING THE WORLD THAT IT IS ALREADY THERE through your actions and behaviours.

If you could have ONE WISH what would it be?…..

I bet if you really thought long and hard about it, after all of the thoughts and images of satisfying your own self interests you would be for a world where every one could fulfill all of their dreams without destroying the planet and live happily together in love, peace and harmony.

I believe most people deep down want that.

In 1968 Elvis Presley King of Rock & Roll made a triumphant return to performing live concerts when he recorded his comeback special with CBS.

At the end of the 68 Comeback Special Elvis sang “If I can Dream”, a song that asks the question“WHY can’t my dreams come true??”

Today, 42 years later and with the help of technology and youtube Elvis Presley & Celine Dion team up to remind us to dream of a better world. Not just for ourselves, but for EVERYONE!

Elvis Presley & Celine Dion
If I Can Dream

Elvis Presley & Celine Dion – If I Can Dream
“There must lights burning brighter somewhere.”
“Got to be birds flying higher in a sky more blue.”
“If I can dream of a better land where all my brothers walk hand in hand, tell me why, oh why, oh why can’t my dream come true.”
“There must be peace and understanding sometime.”
“Strong winds of promise that will blow away all the doubt and fear”
“If I can dream of a warmer sun, where hope keeps shining on everyone, tell me why, oh why, oh why won’t that sun appear??”
“We’re lost in a cloud with too much rain.”
“We’re trapped in a world that’s troubled with pain.”
“But as long as a man has the strength to dream, he can redeem his sole and fly.”
“Deep in my heart there’s a trembling question.”
“Still I am sure that the answers going to come some how.”
“Out there in the dark, there’s a beckoning candle.”
“While I can think, while I can talk.”
“While I can stand, while I can walk.”
“While I can dream, please let my dream come true right now.”

Although the main line of the song is “Why can’t my dream come true” it actually is saying “Why can’t we get along?”

This year, in the midst of all the striving and growing and achieving and trying to do better and get more out of life for ourselves, do not forget to lend a helping hand to your friends, neighbors and relatives and those around you who could use your help.

Because that’s what’s really most important about life my friend… Sharing your skills, talent, ability’s and success with those around you.

When you do that you will receive more than you give. That is the “LAW.” The natural “law of the universe” called “The Law Of Attraction.”

Make this year YOUR year to dream bigger than you ever have before and to take the necessary actions towards making those dreams a reality, but to also reach out and help out to those who need you along the way.

When you do that you will attract the magical events, people and circumstances into your life to make all of your wildest dreams a reality.

DREAM bigger than you’ve ever DREAMED before and GIVE more than you’ve ever GIVEN before and you will RECEIVE more than you have ever RECEIVED before.

And you will never again need to ask the question “Why Can’t I Make My Dreams Come True?”

Long live the King.